Kerry councillor organises protest over housing of asylum seekers

A protest is getting underway in Kerry over the processes used to house asylum seekers.

A former guesthouse in the town will be used to accommodate 55 asylum seekers.

Donal Grady with constituent

Councillor Donal Grady, who is organising the protest said there are many people homeless across the county, and the government needs to ’look after their own first’.

He cited a number of concerns, including the lack of consultation and no record of vetting.

Speaking to Radio Kerry, Councillor Grady claimed the housing needs of locals have to be addressed.

"It’s about time we got our act together," Cllr Grady said.

"We have 1,600 on our housing list in the Killarney area and it’s time we started seeing after our own.

"I’m not saying that these people haven’t gone through bad times, of course, I’m sure they have.

"But you should see what some of our people are going through.

"I’m very concerned about the way things are going and it’s time to say ’listen, we must see after our own’ because they are not fixing that."


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