Kenny: 'Yes' side has not been hampered by Supreme Court ruling

The Taoiseach says he doesn't believe the ‘Yes’ side has been hampered by yesterday's Supreme Court decision.

The court ruled that the government had used public money to put out one-sided information following a challenge from engineer Mark McCrystal.

Enda Kenny says the government would have had to call a general election if it wanted to postpone the children's referendum but that was given no serious thought.

“No, they did not (give it serious thought). It is perfectly clear legally that were you to try to do that, you would have to call a general election,” Kenny said.

“The issue has been decided by the Supreme Court and the government has accepted in full the recommendations of the Supreme Court.

“The referendum is on tomorrow and I hope people turn out in very large numbers and give a very resounding ‘Yes’ to it.”

Meanwhile, the Justice Minister Alan Shatter says he is confident of a ‘Yes’ vote tomorrow.

“There’s never been an issue on which Fine Gael, Labour, Fianna Fáil and Sinn Féin all agree. Indeed most of the Independents agree that there should be a ‘Yes’ vote.

“I’m hoping people will enthusiastically vote tomorrow and it is a day when we are going to celebrate and I would urge people to vote ‘Yes’.”

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