Kenny says 'racist and dangerous' comments were about Trump the candidate, not the man

Enda Kenny has ruled out an apology to Donald Trump, as he prepares to meet him in the Oval Office today.

But Trump's vice-president has hinted the President might tell Kenny today he wants to visit Ireland soon.

Last year Enda Kenny said Donald Trump's comments were "racist and dangerous", but now insists he was talking about the candidate, not the man, so there is no reason for tension in the Oval Office.

Kenny's preparations have been overshadowed by a gaffe where journalists were wrongly given a speech where he confirmed plans to resign.

When they do meet, Donald Trump might tell Kenny he wants to visit, if comments from his second, in-command Mike Pence last night are anything to go by.

Kenny's first stop of the day is for breakfast with Pence, he has also got lunch with Paul Ryan, and of course the shamrock reception in the White House later.


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