Kenny refuses to rule out coalition with Fianna Fáil

By Elaine Loughlin, political reporter

Taoiseach Enda Kenny has refused to rule out a coalition with Fianna Fáil after the General Election.

Speaking at the launch of Fine Gael’s manifesto in Dublin this morning Mr Kenny said he does not “contemplate” doing a deal with Fianna Fáil.

However, he repeatedly avoided fully shutting the door on Michéal Martin’s party.

It comes as former Fianna Fáil TD Mary O’Rourke said she would be open to a coalition but both parties would have to have a 50/50 share of cabinet positions.

“I do not contemplate any circumstances of going into government with Fianna Fáil,” Mr Kenny said.

“Half of Fianna Fáil party want to join with Sinn Féin, if that’s the case you would have flight from the land, flight of investment.

“We are offering the people a real stable government with Fine Gael and Labour."

He then went onto attack Fianna Fáil by stating they have “no credibility”.

"Fianna Fáil drove out 250,000 I want to bring back 70,000 by 2021. These people were in charge of this country for 14 years.

“I would say to the people of Ireland here, think very carefully about this, this crowd have no credibility in looking after the economic interests of our people.”

Focusing his attention to party leader Mr Martin, who many commentators claimed came out strongest in last week’s first leaders debate, Mr Kenny said:

“I have been 40 years at this, I have never gotten personal about politics and I don’t intend to get personal now".

Describing Mr Martin as “Michéal mo chara” the Taoiseach said he is “able to give it but can’t take it” when it comes to debates.

“The bottom line is I am not going to get personal,” Mr Kenny said.


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