Kenny 'raised bank debt issue in Brussels'

Taoiseach Enda Kenny

Taoiseach Enda Kenny says he has raised the issue of Ireland's bank recapitalisation at an EU Heads of State meeting in Brussels.

The agenda for the meeting was to discuss the fallout from the recent European elections and for member states to discuss a candidate for President of the European commission.

Mr Kenny said growth, jobs and bank debt were also mentioned.

"The deeper discussion was about the necessity not to have inter-institutional rows here, but to demonstrate to the citizens of all the countries of Europe that the process actually can work, in the interests of dealing with all those challenges - employment, job opportunities, bank debt…

"I mentioned the recapitalisation issue myself, specifically.

"That was a genuinely political discussion by political leaders."

Meanwhile the former President of the European Parliament says it's time for the EU Commission to look at breaking the link between Irish national and bank debt.

Pat Cox says the Irish case is a special one within the European Union.

Speaking at a conference in Dublin this morning he said the austerity measures imposed on the Irish people have been very severe.

"The Irish case is a subset of a much wider case, where the affects of budgetary discipline and so on have been very severe," Mr Cox said.

"Especially to do with growing inequality, growing poverty and growing unemployment - especially long-term unemployment and youth unemployment.

"I think these issues certainly need to be focused on more critically than has been the case."

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