Kenny considered for top European Council post

Lucinda Creighton has said Enda Kenny would be a strong candidate for another top European position, after he ruled himself out of one race yesterday.

The Taoiseach is officially out of the running for President of the EU Commission, after the deadline for candidates for the European People's Party passed last night.

However, there are now rumours that his name is being considered to succeed Herman van Rompuy as President of the European Council.

Lucinda Creighton is the former European Affairs Minister and Vice President of the EPP, which is meeting in Dublin over the next two days.

She said Enda Kenny would be a strong candidate, and would have to consider the position.

"There is a very positive perception of Ireland in European circles, and I think he certainly would be a name that would be in contention," she said.

"It would be a great honour, and one that I think he would have to consider very very carefully."

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