Kenny: Budget cut will be whatever it needs to be to meet target

The Taoiseach has vowed that the Government will not miss its deficit reduction target, as the debate over €2bn figure for Budget 2015 continues.

Finance Minister Michael Noonan and both candidates for Labour leadership claim less than €2bn in adjustments will be needed. The EU and IMF, however, both want the figure to be above that mark.

Enda Kenny said today the Government will not be in any position to set a final figure until the end of the summer, as it focuses on deficit percentages rather than a specific numeric amount.

"The extent of the adjustment is not actually the main debate - it is to have the deficit below 3% by 2015," he said.

"Clearly, the stronger the economy becomes, the more amenable the adjustment to reach the target figure will be."

However, he stressed Ireland will not miss its targets in that regard.

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