Kelly urges both sides to end Dublin Bus strike

The Minister for Public Transport is urging both sides in the Dublin Bus dispute to come together to end the strike.

Alan Kelly said work is being done behind the scenes to resolve the dispute - which centres on a €12m cost cutting plan implemented by the company.

Drivers, admin and maintenance staff are on strike - leaving some 400,000 commuters without a service.

Minister Kelly said it is unacceptable that the public is being inconvenienced to such a degree.

"I believe that when the time is right the industrial relations machinery of the state will come forward to bring the sides together," he said.

"That is how ultimately this issue will be solved, at the end of the day it will be solved, it has to be solved

"What I want to see is it solved as quickly as possible because with my responsibility I believe that it is completely unnecessary and unacceptable the volume of people that are being discommoded."

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