Keegan denies agreeing to licences for five Brooks gigs

Dublin's city manager, Owen Keegan, has admitted he was supportive of holding all five Garth Brooks concerts at Croke Park.

However, he says he never gave the GAA any assurance that permission for all five concerts would be licensed.

Mr Keegan is denying the claims from senior GAA figures, who say he told them all five would be allowed to go ahead.

Mr Keegan says he would have resigned as city manager if the High Court had granted an application from the GAA and Aiken Promotions to save all five concerts.

He also says that even GAA chief, Paraic Duffy, now admits that running all five gigs was never a realistic option.

Mr Keegan said: "The fact that Mr Duffy acknowledged publicly that eight concerts was asking too much of the residents, totally undermines his criticisms of Dublin City Council for taking into account the concerns of local residents and only approving three of the five requested concerts."

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