Justice Minister demands report into prostitution claims of asylum seekers

The Justice Minister, Frances Fitzgerald, has demanded a report into claims some female asylum seekers here are selling themselves for sex.

It is claimed that some of the women who are in 'Direct Provision Centres' are forced into prostitution to subsidise their income.

The asylum seekers are given less than €20 a week by the State and are not allowed work or enter education.

Ms Fitzgerald told the Sean O'Rourke Show that anyone who has information needs to report it to gardaí.

She said: "I did find and do find those reports shocking - certainly don't want to see any woman in Ireland feeling that the only option for her is prostitution in order to look after her family.

"I'll be asking for a report from the Reception Integration Agency - and I would ask anyone who has information to make it available to the gardaí."

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