Jury in trial of Mayo man accused of killing baby son to consider verdict tomorrow

John Tighe

The jury in the trial of a Mayo man accused of killing his baby son is expected to begin considering its verdict tomorrow.

40-year-old John Tighe of Lavallyroe in Ballyhaunis denies murdering six-month-old Joshua by placing two tissues in his mouth.

Joshua choked to death on a wad of two tissues at his father’s home in June 2013.

It is the prosecution’s case that Joshua's dad, John Tighe, placed the tissues in his mouth and says a baby couldn’t form, chew or swallow a wad of that size.

But John Tighe says what happened was an accident and the baby must have put the tissues in his mouth himself while he left him unattended for a few minutes to go to the bathroom.

The jurors have three verdicts open to them: guilty of murder, guilty of manslaughter or not guilty.

The judge is due to finish charging the jury in the morning and it will then begin considering its verdict.

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