Jury hears closing arguments in Rostas murder case

Marioara Rostas

Lawyers for a man accused of murdering Mariora Rostas have told the jurors they are being asked to rely on the evidence of one witness who is a self-confessed liar.

Alan Wilson of New Street Gardens, Dublin 8 denies murdering the Roma teenager in January 2008.

After weeks of evidence, the jurors have been hearing from both sides for a final time before they have to consider a verdict.

Mariora Rostas was last seen alive while begging on Lombard Street in early Jan 2008.

She was found in a shallow grave in the Wicklow mountains four years later and a post mortem revealed she had been shot.

Today, the defence described this trial as a "one witness case" - a reference to Fergus O'Hanlon who testified against a man he once considered his friend

He told the jury that he helped Alan Wilson dispose of Mariora's body.

Lawyers for the state claim that Mr O'Hanlon came forward despite the threat of being charged himself and is a man that can be and should be trusted.

However, Alan Wilson's barrister claimed the exact opposite - accusing him of being a compulsive liar.

The jury will begin its deliberations soon after the defence has finished its closing speech.

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