Jury considers verdict in case of man 'butchered in his own home'

A jury was today asked to consider the evidence in the case of a man who was described as being butchered in his own home.

Anthony Locke (aged 36) from Prussia Street in Dublin has pleaded not guilty to murdering Christopher Jackson (aged 53) on September 7, 2012.

Brother of the accused, Bernard Locke (aged 41), from Ramillies Road Ballyfermot, is awaiting sentence after pleading guilty last week to the murder of Mr Jackson.

In his closing speech, Conor Devally SC, prosecuting told the court that his case was relatively simple.

“The prosecutions case is relatively simple – Christopher Jackson was murdered, butchered. You heard the grisly evidence through Dr Curtis. It is an ugly thing to have to hear about.”

“In this case, Barbara Staunton told you what happened. She was living with the late Christopher Jackson. She was a woman who had some years of heroin addiction and the value she placed on herself was minimal.”

”As a concept, a person who assists is guilty of murder if the killing takes place.”

Padraig Dwyer SC, defending reminded the jury that there had been no bad blood between the accused and Christopher Jackson.

“There was no reason for Anthony Locke to do any damage to Christopher Jackson. They got on well together and there was no bad blood between them.”

“Anthony Locke presented himself at a police station in distress because he was afraid of his brother.”

“You are being asked to convict Anthony Locke on the word of one person who was under the influence of drugs at the time.”

“There was no other evidence in this case – forensic, DNA, CCTV, phone records.”

“Ms Staunton has given inconsistent accounts to you. She has a motive to lie and shift the blame from herself and is liable to face prosecution if certain things developed in a certain way.”

“Anthony Locke was charged with the concealment of a crime. On 10 November when Ms Staunton makes a witness statement the charge of concealment is dropped and on 18 December, Anthony Locke is then sent to this court on a charge of murder.”

Mr Justice Garrett Sheehan will address the jury of three women and nine men tomorrow prior to deliberation.

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