Junior cup kids 'have necks on them like adults' due to supplements, says sports doctor

The latest results for the Irish Sports Council Anti-Doping Programme will be published today.

The programme was developed 10 years ago to combat doping in Irish sport.

Last month, Lance Armstrong brought the topic to the top of the news agenda after he admitted using banned substances during his cycling career.

David Hickey, team doctor with the Dublin football team and former All-Ireland winning player, said there was huge pressure on young people playing sport to have professional athletes' bodies.

"You see the bodies of children playing junior cup rugby today - they've necks on them like adults," he said.

"I think what happens is that these kids are told: 'Look, you have the summer off now. Come back 10 kilos heavier', and there's no great direction on how that's done.

"(The kids) are certainly taking creatine and supplements. The problem with these supplements is that 20%-30% of them throughout the world, mainly in the US and UK where these things come from, are contaminated with steroids."

Officials from the World Anti-Doping Agency will be on hand to see today's results revealed.

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