Judge's former legal secretary denies 'learning her story' in deception case

Heather Perrin

A legal secretary has denied being told what to say by her former solicitor boss, now a District Court judge, who is on trial for deception.

Heather Perrin of Lambay Court, Malahide, Dublin, is accused of deceiving Thomas Davis on January 22, 2009 into leaving half of his estate to her children.

Only one defence witness was called and that was Pauline Ball - a legal secretary who worked for Heather Perrin for eight years.

She told the jury that she was a witness to Thomas Davis's will and, contrary to his evidence, she said the will was read to him before he signed it.

Asked under cross-examination whether she was surprised that Heather Perrin's children were to inherit half of his estate, she replied that she wasn't a bit surprised, as Mr Davis's wife Ada adored the children.

At one point, when it was put to her that her recollection of events being much clearer now than when gardaí first interviewed her in 2010, it was suggested that this was because Heather Perrin has told her what to say.

"You've learned your story better,' suggested the prosecution. "No," she replied.

All the evidence has now been put to the jury, which will hear closing speeches on Monday.

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