Joan Freeman sorry daughter had to speak out to address Iona links

Joan Freeman says she is sorry her daughter had to come forward to address the Presidential candidate's links to the Iona Institute.

Freeman's daughter Aislinne has revealed she is in a same-sex relationship.

She announced it after becoming frustrated at repeated accusations about Joan Freeman's involvement with the conservative Iona Institute.

The Presidential candidate says she is sorry her daughter was dragged into the campaign.

"I do feel bad. I feel bad for her that she felt that she had to do that," said the Pieta House founder.

"But she was so frustrated watching me for months, denying anything to do with Iona. I am not a member of Iona but nobody would believe that.

"And she that felt she had to speak about it yesterday.

"I am so proud of her. I wish she didn't have to do that. I'm sorry that she did [have to speak out]."

- Digital Desk

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