Joan Burton 'would be tearing her hair out' if FF appointed someone close to the party, says O’Dea

The Tánaiste has been accused of hypocrisy in her appointment to a State Board - which have prompted a motion of No Confidence in her in the Dáil.

The Independent Alliance is taking the motion after Joan Burton appointed David Begg as chair of the Pensions Authority - without going through the new system for public appointments.

While this is permitted under the new rules, Opposition parties say there is no reason for the public process to be ignored in favour of a direct appointment.

Fianna Fáil's Willie O'Dea said that David Begg has been a long-time Labour supporter, and that Joan Burton would be quick to criticise such a move if Labour was in Opposition.

“If this had been done by a Fianna Fáil Minister, to patently appoint somebody close to the party, who seems to be close to the party, while bypassing the agreed procedures, and Joan Burton was in Opposition, she’d be literally tearing her hair out,” he said.


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