Joan Burton accuses Fine Gael of 'cash-for-access'

Fine Gael have been accused of abusing legislation by fundraising directly for their party in a "cash-for-access" to politicians scandal, writes Juno McEnroe, Political Correspondent.

Labour's Joan Burton made the claims today in the Dáil after reports that Fine Gael are holding fundraisers where attendees can get access to senior Ministers.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny strongly defended his party after suggestions that Fine Gael have been told to ramp up their cash-raising efforts amid talk of snap General Election.

Mr Kenny's defence comes after suggestions that Ministers met this week with party officials and discussed the need to raise more funds.

The staging of more breakfasts and other fundraising events were discussed, it is understood.

Ms Burton told the Dáil of her concerns of “cash for access” to politicians.

Mr Kenny responded that such claims were beneath her.

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