Jane O'Meara Sanders, wife of Bernie Sanders, hopes to investigate Cork roots

by David Raleigh

Jane O’Meara Sanders, the wife and senior political advisor of former US Presidential Democratic candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders, said she hopes to further investigate her Cork family roots.

Speaking at the University Limerick, Ms O’Meara Sanders said Youghal was part of “my heritage”.

“One of the things we did when we travelled (down) from Dublin was that we took a circuitous route to Limerick, going through some of the towns were my ancestors were from, so it was wonderful to walk the streets that they once walked. It was excellent," she said.

“All my (family) are from Ireland, so there's a lot of different places (to visit). My family is from Tipperary; Youghal in Cork; Westmeath; Meath; Kildare; and Mayo. So, we are not going to see everything on this trip. I'll have to come back.”

Ms O’Meara Sanders, whose husband ran against Donald Trump in the race to the White House, said America faces a lot of problems under Mr Trump’s presidency.

“There are a lot of issues we have to face right now, and it's a very difficult time in America right now,” she said.

“The fact we're experiencing incredible climate change - with fires in California, and hurricanes in Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Florida and Texas - and yet, the party in power is still denying the climate change exists…That's one pressing problem.”

She also agreed tensions between the US and North Korea over repeated nuclear weapon tests by North Korea, was “another problem”.

“There are many other (problems), like North Korea….and the difference in how we approach our culture; I think we are going backwards and not respecting the individuals of different races, religions, genders, that's of great concern to me.”


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