'It chewed through the fridge': Council says they are working to solve Dublin rat problem

Residents of Pearse House following a sit-down protest at Dublin City Council last week. Pic: Gareth Chaney Collins

Dublin City Council says it is working together with the HSE to solve the rat problem in parts of Dublin.

Residents in Pearse House staged a sit-in at the Council headquarters last week calling for a solution.

The council says a long spell of warm weather, increased building works and more fast food outlets are contributing to the problem.

Pearse House Resident Courtney Kelly describes what they have had to deal with.

"The size of them, they are eating through half the people's doors," said Ms Kelly.

"There is a girl in one of the flats and they chewed right through her fridge."

She said that the rats came in through a pipe and the Council sent someone who just covered the pipe with plastic.

"It's the bins really, they barely have lids on them. They actually only got lids recently.

"You see seagulls ripping bags apart and the dirt is coming out."

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