ISPCC launches new anti-bullying online tool

The ISPCC has developed a new online reporting tool, to tell on bullies.

The tool is part of its annual anti-bullying shield campaign to keep the focus on bullying.

The ISPCC is also urging bystanders to speak up when they see someone being bullied.

Its Anti-bullying coordinator Andrew Jackson explains how it works:

It allows schools to embed a specific reporting page on to the website [or] the Facebook page," he said.

"Students, parents, or bystanders who might see or hear about bullying concerns can report those concerns directly to the school via this reporting tool.

"It's never wrong to tell someone if you're being hurt and you want that hurt to stop."

The National Association of Principals and Deputy Principals carried out research that found only one-in-four parents monitor their children's activity online daily, while 15% admit to never checking.

That correlated with an increase of about 33% in secondary school students being bullied online.

The NAPD said young people might be afraid of losing their mobile phones if they report being cyberbullied.

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