ISPCA calls for ban on use of animals after six arrested at circus protest

The ISPCA is today calling for an immediate ban on the use of wild animals in circuses on welfare and ethical grounds.

Six people were arrested and several brought to hospital yesterday after fight broke out between animal rights' protesters and workers at Circus Belly Wien in Tallaght in Dublin.

Launching The Big Stop campaign today, the ISPCA warned that Ireland risks becoming a “dumping ground” as more EU countries introduce bans on use of animals.

According to the ISPCA, Dutch circuses Belly Wien and Renz are currently travelling around Ireland with a number of wild animals including three Asian elephants, Bactrian camels and a number of equines and bovines.

The ISPCA maintains that travelling circuses cannot provide a suitable environment for wild animals such as elephants and tigers due to their complex needs.

“Frequent travelling, loading and unloading, handling, limited space, crowd noise, bright lights and restricted social interaction are well known stressors in wild animals,” the ISPCA stated.

“In addition, forcing wild animals to perform abnormal behaviours for human 'entertainment' is ethically dubious in the 21st century.”

The charity is calling on the new Government to follow in the footsteps of dozens of other countries and ban the practice.

It has asked the public to sign its campaign petition, which already has over 20,000 signatures.


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