ISPCA appeal for homes for 62 neglected dogs

The ISPCA have issued an urgent appeal for homes for 62 dogs they found in Co Cork.

The dogs range in breed from chihuahuas to poodles, and many are elderly and suffering from severely matted coats.

ISPCA Inspector Lisa O’Donovan recently found dogs at a premises which was a redundant breeding establishment in Co Cork.

While the premises were no longer operating as a breeding establishment, the now elderly owners had kept their breeding dogs and were struggling to cope with the sheer volume of animals.

Lisa said: "This was an unusual case. The elderly persons involved found themselves no longer in a position to adequately care for the large volume of animals.

"The decision was made that the animals needed to be removed to improve their quality of life and their living conditions."

The dogs are now being looked after at the National Animal Centre and satff say the dogs are mostly used to human interaction, so will be suitable for re-homing.

Lisa said: "Sometimes large quantities of dogs removed from breeding premises are highly un-socialised. However this is not the case with these particular dogs.

"They are friendly and trusting and we are very anxious for them to go to good, loving responsible homes where they can live out the remainder of their lives in comfort."

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