Irish Water to upgrade sewer network in Dublin’s North Docklands

Irish Water is to spend more than €1.3m on Dublin's North Docklands to upgrade the sewer network.

The works will address the structural defects of sewers, and ensure the infrastructure is maintained.

It will take place in the Sheriff Street, New Wapping Street and North Wall Quay area in the coming weeks.

The company said that works will be carried out using non-dig technology, where possible in order to reduce disruption.

Hugh Kennedy, Irish Water Capital Programme Coordinator, said: “These sewer network upgrades, when completed, will benefit the local community by reducing the risk of sewer collapses and blockages, and improve the performance level of the sewer network.

“Every effort will be made to minimise the disruption and impact on the local community during the works. For example, we’re using non-dig technology where we can to minimise the footprint of works.

"Irish Water regrets any inconvenience these necessary sewer improvements may cause and would like to thank local residents and businesses for their patience and cooperation in delivering these essential works which will ensure a more reliable sewer network.”

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