Irish Water pack containing human excrement sent to call centre staff

The Abtran facility

The company handling customer queries for Irish Water has denied a report that a staff member was "rushed to hospital" after a customer pack including human excrement was received.

Cork's 96FM reports the staff member noticed a cut on his hand, and was brought to hospital, and that another staff member fainted and was also brought to hospital by ambulance.

While confirming that an "offensive" item was received yesterday, Abtran said no members of staff had been impacted - "other than it being an offensive matter".

The company reported the incident to the Gardaí.

It is understood that the staff member who fainted in an incident unrelated to the package received first aid at the office.

96FM's report that used tampons and razor blades had also been received by Abtran staff in other incidents was not specifically addressed by Abtran, but the company stressed the delivery of the pack containing human excrement was "an isolated incident".

In a statement, Cork-based Abtran said: "Abtran confirms that one of its offices in Cork received an item of post in recent days containing some offensive matter.

"The item of post was inspected by security personnel at Abtran...This is an isolated occurrence and Abtran does not wish to comment further on this subject.

"The incident has been reported to the Gardaí.

"No members of staff were impacted directly by this occurrence other than it being an offensive matter."

Abtran's five-year contract includes provision for the empoloyment of up to 400 employees to operate a contact call centre for Irish Water.

The company is based in Bishopstown in Cork.

By Jill O'Sullivan

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