Irish Video hopes to influence Marriage Equality debate from Bolivia

A group of Irish people travelling in South America have made a video campaigning for a Yes vote, in an effort to add their voices to the Marriage Equality debate from the iconic salt flats in Bolivia.

“We wish we were at home to hold hands in pride on May 22 to be a part of history, said Joanne Halpin, speaking from La Paz in Bolivia.

Ms Halpin is from Killester in Co. Dublin, she is currently travelling with four Irish friends and two friends from the UK.

“Our British friends are in full support with us as this is not just an Irish issue, but a global one. If the YES vote is passed we will make history by being the first country in the world to pass this legislation through public referendum,” said Ms Halpin.

She appears in the video with Emma Wall from Co. Wicklow, Sarah Hutchinson from Co. Cavan, Maeve McQuillan from Co. Dublin, Colm O'Leary from Co. Wexford, and Isabel Osborne and Victoria Simpson who are both from the UK, against a backdrop of hazy blue skies and an endless stretch of white salt flats; the surreal landscape which has made Bolivia a famous travel destination.

“We hope to spread the YES vote halfway across the world,” said Ms Halpin. “And as we can only spread the word through a photo and video taken in the middle of the Salt Flats in Bolivia, we hope this will spread throughout our country.”

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