Irish team forced to abandon North Pole attempt

Clare and Mike shortly afer arrival in Canada. Picture via Facebook

An Irish team has been forced to abandon their second attempt to walk to the North Pole.

Clare O'Leary and Mike Sheridan began the trek in northern Canada on March the 7 and had covered 60km when tragedy struck on Sunday.

They had been moving an 80kg sled when it fell on them, injuring them both.

A plane which had been due to bring them fresh supplies on Monday was instead used to take them back to Canada.

"They are both very disappointed but are safe and sound," said a post on the team's blog.

The expedition began on March 7 when Mike and Clare began their 778km journey from Cape Discovery in Northern Canada.

The team had made a strong start to their expedition having covered over 60km through extremely rough ice conditions and frigid temperatures.

The team will make their way back to Ireland in the next week.


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