Irish Medical Council elects first ever woman President

Dr Rita Doyle pictured today at the Medical Council, Kingram House, Dublin. Photo: Lensmen

The Irish Medical Council has elected its first woman President.

Dr Rita Doyle, who operates the Bray Family Practice in Wicklow, has been a GP for more than 30 years.

She is also the first full-time GP to be elected President of the Medical Council

The Chairman of the Irish College of General Practitioners, Dr John Gillman, welcomed her election.

“As a General Practitioner Dr Rita Doyle brings a different perspective to the role; a career in general practice is reflective of the totality of patient care from infancy to end of life, the community and familial context, and brings a unique and privileged insight into the lives of patients.

“Dr Doyle’s elevation to President of the Medical Council demonstrates to younger colleagues that one can make a difference when one has pride and love for the profession, an openness to learning by doing and giving beyond the immediate clinical job and a willingness to get involved not just to comment."

The person and the profession is the richer from this,” said Dr Gillman.

“Her character, courage of conviction, sensitivity and fair-mindedness shall guide the Irish Medical Council through the challenges ahead and shall set the course for compassionate practical regulation.”

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