Irish issues still on table for Phase Two of Brexit talks

Irish issues are still on the table as talks on Brexit move into Phase Two.

It was decided at the European Council Summit in Brussels this afternoon that sufficient progress had been made to progress talks.

That means discussions on the transition arrangement for Britain to move out of the EU and for talks on the future relationship.

The Taoiseach is confident that the agreement reached last week that there would be no return to a hard border was solid in the event that no deal can be reached in Phase Two.

However, there is provision in Phase Two for continued discussions on Ireland, according to

"There is obviously a particular phase or stream for the Irish issues moving into Phase Two highlights that while we have reached a certain point and achieved what we want to achieve in Phase One there is still a huge amount of work to be done," she said.

"Obviously, Phase Two and that particular stream will allow us to do that," she added.



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