Irish driving licence exchange programme agreement reached with Canada

An Irish driving licence exchange programme has been agreed with British Columbia in Canada.

It means that Irish people living in the province will be able to swap their driving licence for a Canadian one.

The same agreement will apply to Canadians from British Columbia living here.

The Department of Transport says its working to reach similar deals with the rest of the Canadian provinces.

Speaking today, Minister Ross said : "With this agreement we now have exchange arrangements in place with four of the ten provinces, meaning over half of Canada’s population is now provided for, and work is continuing on reaching agreement with the remaining six.’

‘This agreement will be of particular benefit to Irish people who have moved to British Columbia or are planning to. It will also help people from British Columbia – including returning Irish emigrants – to move more easily to Ireland. This agreement underlines in particular our commitment to Ireland’s diaspora, whether those currently seeking work abroad or those who wish to come home.’

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