Irish Coast guard praised for 'difficult' rescue on Aran Islands

An Irish Coast Guard crew are being praised for carrying out a very difficult rescue on the Aran Islands this afternoon.

The Shannon-based helicopter was tasked to reports of people in difficulty in an area known as 'the Worm Hole' on Inis Mór.

Gerard O'Flynn of the Irish Coast Guard said it was a difficult mission with a good result.

He said: "The winchman deserves particular credit for the way he managed to recover two casualties. He even lost some equipment in the rescue, but that didn't have any bearing on the rescue.

"But it was a particularly difficult operation and he deserves particular credit, as indeed does the entire flight crew.

"Fortunately, those two casualties are now in Galway hospital and hopefully are doing well.

A second Irish Coast Guard crew have been involved in a successful Medevac off Donegal in the early hours of Saturday morning.

The crew were called to assist, following reports that a crewman had been injured on board a fishing vessel late Friday.

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