Irish Cancer Society calls for VAT on sunscreen to be reduced

The Irish Cancer Society is calling for the VAT on sunscreen to be reduced.

Concerns have been raised by the charity about a 23% tax rate on a product that protects against skin cancer.

Policy and public affairs manager Paul Gordon says sunscreen should not have the same tax rate as sunbeds.

"Sunbeds have been scientifically proven by the International Agency on Research for Cancer, to be a group one carcinogen. Which places them in the same category as things like cigarettes," said Mr Gordon.

"It is a bit of a bizarre anomaly that they [sunscreen and sunbeds] are still levied at the same rate of VAT, while sunscreen has proven benefits.

"It's a cancer-preventing measure."

The Irish Cancer Society recommends people "get into the habit of protecting your skin every day from April to September, whatever the weather."

They advise applying sunscreen 20 minutes before going outside and that people reapply every two hours.

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