Ireland's working poor: One in six living in poverty has a job

Three quarters of a million people are at risk of poverty, or are living in poverty, in Ireland, with 16% of them falling into the category of the "working poor".

The figures from Social Justice Ireland show the number of people living in poverty since the beginning of the recession has increased by 120,000.

The independent think-tank launched its policy briefing today, which also shows Ireland has a new population of working poor.

Director of the advocacy group Dr Sean Healy said that one in five of those living in poverty were children.

"The reality is the numbers in poverty have risen quite dramatically since the start of the recession," he said.

"They're up about 120,000, and there are now almost three quarters of a million people at risk of poverty in Ireland. Almost one in five of those, about 150,000, are children.

"What will startle (people) most is that one in six of people at risk of poverty are people with a job."

Social Justice Ireland said that by making tax credits refundable the Government would improve the living standards of a substantial number of people in Ireland and make Ireland’s tax system fairer.


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