Ireland's first official nudist beach to open next month

Ireland is to get its first official nudist beach.

Public notices are set to go up at Hawk Cliff in Dalkey in County Dublin next month, but there has been a mixed reaction to the news.

Some of the concerns include the suitability for children and that it may attract anti-social behaviour.

Pat Gallagher from the Irish Naturist Society says they do not intend to cause offence or harm to anybody.

He said: "That area has been used for many years, not only with the nudists but also with bathing suit persons, so it has worked very well over the years between the two communities and there has never been any problems.

"It just indicates to anyone who wouldn't know approaching the area that might be offended by the sight of nude bodies that they may encounter nude bathers when they go into the area. That's all."

It will still be open to people who don't wish to go naked, the signs will tell others not to be alarmed if they do see nudists.

Mr Gallagher told TV3 News: "It will more than likely say something like 'nude bathers may be seen beyond this point'.

"So for someone reading that, if for any reason they are in fear or distress, at least they will have notification that there may be nude bathers. We have always used the term ‘clothing optional’.

"We simply want to go there, lie in the sun, get in the water, have a swim . . . but we don’t want to wear anything, that’s all."

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