Ireland will not recognise Catalonia's declaration of independence

The Department of Foreign Affairs here have confirmed they will not recognise the declaration of independence by Catalonia.

A statement this afternoon said: “Ireland respects the constitutional and territorial integrity of Spain.”

Fine Gael MEP Brian Hayes says foreign governments shouldn't interfere in the dispute.

“I don’t believe this ultimately is a European Union issue. It is a matter for the people of Spain and the people of Catalonia to sort out,” said Hayes.

“We shouldn’t meddle in internal affairs.

“The mood in Brussels is one of standing back from this and asking all of the people of Spain, and their governments especially, to find a peaceful resolution.”

The Department of Foreign Affairs' statement said: “We are all concerned about the crisis in Catalonia. Ireland respects the constitutional and territorial integrity of Spain and we do not accept or recognise the Catalan Unilateral Declaration of Independence.

“The resolution of the current crisis needs to be within Spain's constitutional framework and through Spain's democratic institutions. Ireland supports efforts to resolve this crisis through lawful and peaceful means.”

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