Ireland will have highest university fees in Europe post-Brexit, according to student union

At €3,000 Ireland will have the highest university fees in the EU after Brexit.

That is according to the Union of Students in Ireland ahead of a protest today at Dublin's Trinity College.

Third level students and staff will call on the government to respond to the growing crisis in higher education funding.

USI President Síona Cahill outlines some of the issues they want to highlight: "This affects staffing issues, precarious contracts particularly affecting post-graduate students.

"Also, when we look at some of our lecture halls they are really not fit for purpose."

The aim of today's demonstration - which will include students, staff and trade unions - is to make clear that students will not be an easy target for cuts.

Ms Cahill said that an increase in funding is necessary to secure a sustainable future for the funding of higher education in Ireland.

"We need a sustainable funding model, a publicly-funded higher education to be sure that there is access for students coming after us," said Ms Cahill.

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