Ireland second-worst European country for tackling climate change

Ireland is the second worst country in Europe when it comes to tackling climate change, with Poland at the bottom of the pile.

That is according to Climate Action Network, which examined efforts by EU members in setting ambitious climate and energy policies and reducing carbon emissions.

Ireland is set to miss its 2020 climate and renewable energy targets and is also off-course for its 2030 emissions target.

Green Party leader Eamon Ryan blames a lack of political will.

"We're shamed, we're right down at the bottom of the latest league table.

"The main reason is not that Irish people aren't good at this or Irish people don't want to do it, it's lack of ambition in government.

It's lack of our government within European Union and elsewhere pushing for higher targets, pushing for ambition.

We can turn this around, all that's missing is political will. I think this is an indictment of Leo Varadkar, of Denis Naughten, of every government minister.

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