Ireland 'has highest incidence of meningitis in Europe'

Ireland has the highest incidence of cases of meningitis in Europe, according to a new report.

The figures have been released as part of a survey carried out by ACT for Meningitis to coincide with World Meningitis Day.

The survey also found that 49% of people think the disease only affects babies and small children.

The organisation is warning that teenagers and young people are in the second most at risk category of contracting the illness.

Founder of ACT for Meningitis, Siobhan Carroll, says students need to be familiar with symptoms and they need to know to act on them fast.

"Meningitis is a matter or urgency and if someone is really sick, they need to go and get medical advice," she said.

"Ring an adult, ring a doctor, and if you're very very concerned just go straight up to A&E and talk and get medical attention straight away."

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