'Irate' motorists narrowly avoid hitting traffic wardens in two separate incidents

Two school traffic wardens in north Dublin have narrowly avoided being hit by cars driven by what authorities have described as 'irate' motorists.

The council said that one incident saw the warden hit by the wing mirror of a car after being verbally abused by a motorist when asking a motorists to move a car that was parked illegally.

The second incident saw a car narrowly missed hitting a warden after driving through a crossing, seconds after a group of children had crossed.

The near-misses come just weeks after lollipop people were sent on 'conflict management' courses designed for nightclub bouncers.

Niamh Russell, Road Safety Promotions Officer with Fingal County Council, said: "The two incidents which occured this week are extremely worrying and we urge motorists to start obeying the rules of the road, otherwise we could end up dealing with more serious incidents."

Gardaí were notified of both incidents.

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