Insurance Ireland outlines storm coverage for motorists and householders

It looks like "unnecessary journeys" during yesterday's storm may not be covered by car insurance companies.

Three people were killed as ex-hurricane Ophelia battered the country yesterday and people have been warned to remain cautious in the aftermath of the severe winds.

A huge recovery operation is under way following one of the most powerful storms in recorded history in Ireland.

Fallen trees blocking roads and downed power lines are some of the likely hazards today as the country begins to return to normal following a day when the island went into lockdown.

Insurance Ireland have said that damage to cars caused by the storm is covered by comprehensive motor insurance policies.

However they also said: "Third party fire and theft policies cover motorists for damage to other cars in the event of an accident, injury to other people, or damage to your car in the event of a fire or theft."

Kevin Thompson, the CEO of Insurance Ireland, said: "Motor insurance cover operated as normal yesterday as it did every other day, and it's not impacted by the weather conditions.

"Obviously we would have asked people to heed the warnings and to not make any unnecessary travel, but if you had to travel and use your car yesterday, within the bounds of your policy you would have been covered."

For home insurance, policyholders are being told that household buildings and contents insurance policies will cover damage caused by storms.

      They gave the following advice:

    • Insurers will usually pay for the cost of temporary repairs, so please keep receipts.
    • Insurers will also usually pay for the cost of alternative accommodation, if the home becomes uninhabitable.
    • Householders should check the full extent of their policies and contact their insurer or broker after the event.

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