Inmate takes high Court challenge on sentence remission refusal

A son of slain Limerick gangland figure Eddie Ryan has brought a High Court challenge after he was refused extended remission on a six-year jail sentence.

31-year-old Eddie Ryan Junior, with a previous address at College Avenue, Moyross, is serving time for possessing firearms.

The court has heard Ryan's good behaviour in prison means he is eligible for release this November, having served three-quarters of a six-year jail sentence for firearms offences.

However, he believes he should have been freed last month and is challenging what his lawyers said is the Justice Minister's blanket refusal to extend his remission to a third of his sentence.

They said their client satisfies all the criteria to qualify for this earlier release date, having pro-actively engaged with every programme offered by the prison service to help inmates reintegrate into society and avoid reoffending.

Eddie Ryan's father was an early victim of Limerick's feuding crime gangs. He was shot dead while drinking in the Moose Bar in 2000.

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