Independents top exit poll as Labour lose ground

An exit poll in the elections shows a surge in support for Independents revealing they received the highest support.

The exit poll for RTÉ shows Independents have won 27% of the votes in the local elections and 28% in the European elections.

Support for Labour has dropped to 7% in the locals and 6% in the Europeans.

Fine Gael support is down to 24%, Fianna Fáil on 22% and Sinn Fein on 17% in the local elections.


European elections:

Independents and Others 27%

Fine Gael 22%

Fianna Fáil 22%

Sinn Féin 17%

Labour 6%

Greens 6%

Local elections:

Independents and Others 28%

Fine Gael 24%

Fianna Fáil 22%

Sinn Féin 16%

Labour 7%

Greens 3%

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