Immigrant council urge MEPs to vote for tougher laws on purchase of sex

The Immigrant Council of Ireland is calling on MEP’s to back a European Parliament vote which favours laws to punish the buyers of sex.

The Council said MEP’s need to reflect the huge public support for sex-buyer laws, in order to curb exploitation, abuse and trafficking.

68 Irish organisations, 24 local councils as well the Oireachtas Justice Committee have all pledged their support.

Jerry O' Connor is spokesperson for the Immigrant council of Ireland.

"In June of last year the Oireacthas justice committee unanimously backed laws targeting sex buyers - this is after six months of hearings - so clearly there's huge support across Ireland."

"This vote is happening at the European Parliament at the end of the month, and we think it's hugely important that all of our MEPs act in a way in that vote that reflects the views of the Irish people."

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