If you saw these in Dublin overnight, here's why

Dubliners may have been confused as they walked around the city and saw these last night.

They may have been forgiven for thinking that the Government had resorted to desperate measures by building miniature homes on the streets of the capital to fix Ireland's housing crisis.

However locals would soon have realised, after they were confronted by the mini homes, that instead this was a campaign to raise awareness for homeless children.

The #MyNameIs campaign, which was started last month by the charity Inner City Helping Homeless, stepped up a gear last night by displaying images of many of the 3,000 children currently in emergency accommodation across the country.

Formed into the shape of houses, they are a poignant reminder of the homelessness crisis in Ireland at the moment which sees many children growing up in hotel rooms and B&Bs.

Speaking last night ICHH CEO Anthony Flynn said: "We have dropped miniature houses across the city in different locations to highlight the extremely high levels of child homelessness we are seeing in Ireland.

"Over 3,000 children are now homeless across the country, a figure continuously on the rise.

"#MyNameIs are changing face and perception of homeless and these houses are part of our visual awareness campaign. We need the Government to wake up and realise that children are suffering."

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