ICCL reveals range of issues to be discussed at UN Committee meeting

The Irish Council for Civil Liberties says it will be stressing the importance of inspections and reporting when it addresses the UN Committee Against Torture in Geneva today.

Speaking ahead of the meeting, ICCL Executive Director Liam Herrick says it is a decade since Ireland pledged to develop sufficient safeguards for the vulnerable.

It is one of a range of issues under scrutiny, including our approach to mental health and disability, our abortion laws and outstanding issues from historical abuse.

"The various UN bodies have been critical of the violations of women's rights that come from our restrictions on abortion," he said.

"We are obviously an outlier in this respect internationally now. This is something that again this committee will be adding its voice to other UN bodies.

"But we also have very serious issues about inadequate complaints procedures with regards to the guards, which is also highly topical at the moment, outstanding issues with mental health - there are a range of issues."

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