Ibrahim Halawa to challenge video evidence today

Ibrahim Halawa's legal team will begin challenging video evidence in the trial in Egypt today.

The Dubliner’s trial was adjourned last week for the 26th time after the prosecution concluded its case against him and over 400 other people.

Ibrahim has now spent nearly four years in prison since his arrest during demonstrations in August 2013.

Colm O'Gorman, executive director of Amnesty International Ireland, says that the prosecution hasn't presented a single shred of evidence that links Ibrahim Halawa to any of the serious charges against him.

"A number of defence lawyers are going to challenge video evidence that was presented before the court," he said.

"Now what's important about this is - that video evidence, three years after the start of the case, was finally examined by an expert technical committee appointed by the court, and it found the video evidence identified only two out of the 494 defendants in the case.

"And again, as we've always said, it in no way linked Ibrahim Halawa to the charges that have been made against him."

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