Ibrahim Halawa reveals that he has received death threats

Ibrahim Halawa has opened up about death threats that he has received since returning to Ireland.

Speaking to Niall Boylan on Classic Hits 4FM, Mr Halawa was asked about comments he receives online from those who do not believe that he has been truthful about the events which led to his detention in Egypt.

Ibrahim explained that people must differentiate between someone expressing an opinion and a hate comment.

"I think that I get a lot of support and a lot of beautiful people," said Ibrahim.

He said that he does not mind when people express a different opinion to his, and that he will often respond to those comments, but that when he receives hateful comments he tries to ignore them.

When asked if he has ever had his life threatened, Ibrahim hesitated, asking if it was safe to say.

He revealed that he has received death threats and that he has reported these to the gardaí.

"It was very difficult for my mom especially when she knew about it because my mom has been sick and she's been through cancer," said Ibrahim.

His mother worries when he is out on the street which he often is as he spends time working with the homeless in Dublin.

However, on the street he says that people are always pleasant, welcoming him home and asking for selfies.

The hateful comments and threats are only directed towards him on social media.

"If people want to hate they can hate but I am a person who will always love and I will always preach love."

Since his return, Ibrahim has said that some people who considered themselves his "biggest haters" have since changed their minds after listening to him speak and seeing the work that he has been doing since coming home. Some have even reached out to him online to apologise for their behaviour.

Despite the work that he has been doing in the community in recent months, Ibrahim says that he has no interest in a future in politics.

You can listen to some of Ibrahim's interview below:

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