IBEC chief tells public sector workers to put Croke Park cuts in context

The head of business group IBEC says public sector workers need to bear in mind the level of uncertainty that remains in the private sector when considering the Croke Park extension deal.

Danny McCoy was speaking as the executive councils of many trade unions meet today to discuss the proposals which would result in one billion euro worth of cuts to the public sector.

A number of unions have already indicated their opposition to the deal.

Speaking at the IBEC CEO Conference in Dublin, Danny McCoy said public servants are understandbly worried but there is a bigger picture.

"It has to be seen in the context of what is happening in the private sector, where there is still a lot of uncertainty and instability with 14.5% of the population unemployed.

"While it is very painful, it is the future stability of public sector jobs that people need to see. There's a big difference between a 100% decrease when you lose your job to the measures being imposed, painful as they are."

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