IBEC calls for Government to halt increment payments

Brendan McGinty

Pressure is continuing to mount on the Government today regarding pay increments for public sector workers.

IBEC is insisting that wage rises for highly-paid public servants be halted immediately.

The call comes despite comments from the Minister for Public Expenditure Brendan Howlin yesterday that he cannot block them.

IBEC director Brendan McGinty said that circumstances have changed so much in recent years that something has to give.

"The budgetary arithmetic has changed quite dramatically since Croke Park was put in place, growth projections of in excess of 3% for 2012 when Croke Park was put in place obviously have not materialised," he said.

"So in those circumstances we cannot see that there is any justification for a continuation of increments being paid, especially when €3.5bn of a fiscal adjustment is facing everybody."

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