I wouldn't 'like to be associated with the kind of actions he has been involved in' - Varadkar hits out at McGregor

Picture: Juno McEnroe
By Elaine Loughlin
Political Correspondent

The Taoiseach has hit out at Conor McGregor claiming he does not want to be associated with his actions.

Leo Varadkar was taken by surprise when the MMA fighter turned up to march alongside in him in the St Patrick's Day parade in Chicago last week.

Asked about the incident at the Fine Gael national conference in Wexford today, Mr Varadkar said: "I was happy to walk in the parade in Chicago, I wasn't specifically walking with him."

Mr McGregor was arrested in Miami earlier this month after being charged by police for allegedly slapping a phone out of the hands of a fan and stamping on it repeatedly after the man attempted to take a picture of the MMA star.

Mr Varadkar moved to strongly distance himself from Mr McGregor, stating: "Obviously he has had some trouble with the law in recent months and I wouldn't condone or like to be associated with the kind of actions he has been involved in which include prosecution in New York and a potential prosecution in Miami.

"I was there at the invitation of the organisers representing the country, Conor McGregor was there I believe at the invitation of the plumbers union," said Mr Varadkar.

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